digital designer
& no code developer
fractional CDO
& freelancer

Hi, I'm Suzanne

I bring a unique perspective to projects and teams
Exceptionally skilled talent is table stakes in today's work environment. To have a competitive edge, companies need talent with unique perspectives.
What makes me unique:
  • My degree in psychology helps me understand users and target audiences at a deeper level.
  • My natural ability to inspire others generates passionate, supportive teams.
  • Becoming a no-code developer let me move beyond print design to building websites and apps.
  • As an artist with a fine art degree, I'm oriented to create work that evokes emotion.
  • I've worked on multi-million dollar projects, such as leading the design team for the Master Plan for Mecca, SA.
  • From startups to large corporations to running my own successful business, I thrive working with purpose-driven teams.
Speaking of skills, with many years of experience in the design industry, I have had the time to develop and hone many capabilities:
skill set:
  • Top soft skills: Leadership, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Communication, Empathy, Collaboration, Adaptability, Dependability
  • Expert-level skills: Creative Direction, Management, Communication Design
  • Senior-level skills: Product Design, UI/UX Design, Visual Design
  • Generalist skills: Illustration, Storyboarding, Motion Design, Video Editing
  • Tools: Figma (Sketch, InVision, Illustrator), Webflow, Miro, Bubble, Zapier, Slack, Airtable, Photoshop, ClickUp (Monday, Asana), Notion, and many more

Nice things people have said

Kristina Rostorotsky
Director of Product Design, Shopper's Drug Mart, Loblaw's Digital
Invaluable team member

“Suzanne created a culture that attracted and retained a higher calibre of talent within the group. This and her other initiatives have enriched the final results delivered by the design group and contributed to a vibrant and creative working culture."

Cathy Spark
Former VP Marketing & Communication,
MMM Group
Invaluable team member

“Suzanne was an invaluable member of the MMM Group Marketing and Communications team, both for her own excellent creative vision and for her ability to lead and mentor her design team.

During our time working together, Suzanne was instrumental in raising the profile of the Design Studio at the firm. Largely as a result of her contribution, the team is highly respected and valued for its skills, and is seen as an integral part of the firm's success.”

Terri Maxwell
CEO, Succeed on Purpose
Our conversions doubled

“Suzanne is extremely talented and went above and beyond for us. Our conversions almost doubled over the last year. I chose her to lead this project as I knew she could provide a fresh creative perspective while not losing sight of the business objectives.”

Kadon Douglas
Former Marketing Director, WIFT-T
Membership doubled

“People loved the site—they were like ”this brings a fresh new energy to us.”

Members started to come back and saw themselves as part of it. The size of our membership doubled. The work Suzanne did built in that sense of inclusion.

She had a real understanding of who we are and what our goals were. She understood the connection we needed to make with our members. She was able to make that connection happen using copy, imagery and how she prioritized diversity.”

Jamieson Cochrane
Former Culture Ambassador, Spin Master
Captured our spirit

“The book captured our spirit so well that  investment tool, HR made it a permanent part of our onboarding, and the look and feel was even applied to the interior design our new building!

Suzanne was able to understand our company and our people. She has immensely strong EQ and gleaned people's emotions in conversation to identify about what about the company was special to them. Then she was able to execute on that knowledge to create something people identified with.

Kirk Clyne
Chief Creative Officer, Art & Science Digital Agency
Helps you dig out the "why"

“Suzanne has a natural talent for helping people uncover what really makes them tick, in ways that go far beyond the usual mission statement or a list of values. She helps dig out the 'why'—the unique passion that underlies a brand or project—and then finds the most compelling ways to tell that story.”

Jim Kupczyk
Founder, Mindful Market
Off the charts integrity

I've lost count of the number of people who have raved to me about how much they love the brand, website and video.

Suzanne took my vision and brought it to life. She knew exactly what needed to happen. Everything was flawless.

Suzanne is a kind, authentic soul whose integrity is off the charts. Her work is brilliant. I am both grateful and blessed to have worked with her.”

Kimberley Bell
Founder, Sage & international attorney
A unicorn in her field

“Suzanne can be best described as a ‘unicorn’ in her field. My experience working with her left me astounded.

She offers on-point insights. Her depth of understanding is unparalleled—combining her knowledge of design and the arts with a deep understanding of the psychology of her clients and their customers.

Beyond being a talented design professional, Suzanne is a wonderfully supportive partner and co-collaborator. She works with humor and grace, and her work ethic is incredible.”

Heather Webb
Former Executive Director, Women in Film & Television
Beyond our expectations

“Working with Suzanne has been a highly engaging, collaborative and inspiring experience—not to mention fun! She brought incredible passion, creativity and marketing acumen to our project, resulting in a high-quality, tailor-made communications tool that went beyond our expectations.

James March
Professor & Designer, York/Sheridan Design
Unparalleled culture

“Suzanne developed a creative culture that is unparalleled in many other corporate settings; her enthusiasm and desire to support her team is to be applauded.

In the several years that I have worked in the design industry, never have I come across a leader so well-balanced and level-headed with candor and genuineness.

I have learned a great deal from Suzanne from both professional and design standpoints and respect her wholeheartedly as a designer and person.”

Kendra Boyles
Senior Motion Designer, Smart City Media
A joy to work with

“Suzanne is a joy to work with. She is a builder of teams, a conquerer of design projects, and an amazingly authentic person.

She is committed to the work she does and thoughtful towards those she works with.

As a designer and creative thinker, she sees the whole picture and stays true to the underlying messages of a project.

10/10 people would work with this lady again.

Richard Olsen
Marketing Lead, Aecon Group
An unbelievable talent

An unbelievable talent in both her field and her management of personnel. I have never worked with someone so skilled at motivating others while at the same time being such an incredible designer herself. I hold Suzanne in the highest regard as a professional and as a person.”

Melissa Archer
Product Designer, BMO & Founder of Journey Creative Studio
A truly amazing mentor

”Suzanne was an inspiring Creative Director and a pleasure to work with at MMM Group. She was constantly pushing the creative work that came out of the group, and so focused on how to communicate an effective message in each project.

Her lessons allowed me to improve my design skills immensely. Not only does she have great passion for her craft, she is just as interested in passing her knowledge on to others.

She has been a truly amazing mentor to me.”

Aiann Oishi
Senior Digital Communications Associate, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Allowed me to grow

“Suzanne leads her design team with immense passion and energy. She was always quick to provide constructive feedback, words of encouragement and support. During my time with MMM, I was given countless learning opportunities that allowed me to grow as a young designer.”

Fabby Diu
Visual Designer, Sr Associate, PwC
Inspires others

“Suzanne is never selfish about sharing her knowledge and expertise, and has a way of inspiring others to want to rise to her level. I'm constantly amazed by her combination of creativity and craftsmanship, passion and intelligence, vision and leadership, while still being the nicest person ever!”